Regal Creative has been set up by Mr. K.K. Bajaj an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the Printing and Packaging Industry. A pioneer in tin printing since 1994  Mr Bajaj specialized in quality printing of tin show boards, metal decorative sheets for various manufacturers of metal containers.

Regal itself introduced under licensee arrangement with Walt Disney Decorative Geometry Boxes and Pencil Boxes matching international standards. Being highly quality conscious Mr. K.K. Bajaj and his metal printing firm Metal Closures and Containers became one of the Leading Companies printing decorative metal sheets on Japanese fully automatic machines.

2003 saw Mr. Bajaj establishing Regal Creative for manufacture of Self Adhesive Labels, beginning with a single 6 Color Printing Machine, Regal Creative is now a unit having four printing lines capable of producing 10000sq. meter of Printed Labels per day. In a short span because of their quality commitments Regal has made inroads into the leading uses of high quality labels.

Evolution of Label Industry

The label industry has changed quite dramatically over the past 50 years moving through rapid technology change around the world. Materials, prepress, presses, finishing equipment, management information systems, new label products and applications have all evolved rapidly.
The need to glamorise, emphasize the value or the quality of one’s products against its competitors, to be different than the competition, aesthetic appeal to attract the prospective customer, various materials used for packaging has all lead to the growth and development of the Label Industry.

Need for Self Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels consist of a label material (paper, film), with one side covered with a nondrying adhesive layer protected by siliconized paper acting as a substrate, to be removed prior to labeling.

Convenience: these labels come already coated with adhesive, application is relatively simple, and no drying time is required following application.
Accuracy: these labels are produced through a manufacturing process on a carrier web, printed the required image and in required quantity. This practically eliminated the possibility of human error which could lead to incorrect labeling.
Versatility: these label material and adhesive formulation can be tailored to suit practically all circumstances including variations in temperature, humidity, natural and artificial changes in climate, and the surface to be labeled.

  PVC etc.
  Automotives etc.

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